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Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence Change the Course of Proposal Writing?

Source: Career Matters, Editorial Staff

What is the future of Proposal Writing? No one knows for sure and opinions vary greatly. With automation and artificial intelligence growing at a speed never before seen, most jobs will be affected to varying degrees. Automation no longer is comprised of one new technology. It is the product of combining multiple advanced technologies.


The good news is that automation thought leaders believe automation will not eliminate most jobs, but rather, work activities within an occupation will be automated. And, business processes and procedures will evolve at a much greater pace to adapt to new technology.

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The Key To Understanding Salary Data

Source: Career Matters, Editorial Staff

Arm yourself with salary data before you sit down with a future employer to discuss your salary and benefits package. The stakes are high and if you settle for as little as $1,000 less annually than the market rate, over a ten year period this equates to $12,578.

Critical to your salary negotiation is reliable position market comparisons for your job. You want to be sure you are presenting accurate, validated job salary data. This requires some research on your part.

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2016 Top Cities Hiring Proposal Writers

Source: Career Matters, Editorial Staff

Living in the D.C. metropolitan area puts you in the hotbed of jobs for Proposal Writers. In 2016, Greater Washington, D.C., posted more than 18% (greater than 4,500) of the Proposal Writer job postings nationally. No other city comes close to competing for the number of Proposal Writer positions found here. Second place goes to New York City with 2.2% of jobs posted.

Multiple variables go into a decision on where to live. Professional opportunities is certainly one of them, but other top considerations are great schools, cost of living, commute time, a vibrant cultural scene, a variety of recreational activities and entertainment, health care, a stable economy, and great shopping and restaurants.

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Source: Career Matters, Editorial Staff

Welcome to Career Matters survey column! Why do we do surveys? The simplest answer is there is no one who knows what is going on in the Proposal Writer community better than you do. You are the experts.

Our goal is to tap into what you are thinking and what is important to you. You are smart, creative, and likely to have ideas that we have not thought of. We will share survey results to give you insight on what your peers think about issues affecting your profession. Surveys will also help us gauge evolving changes in culture, employment landscape and market trends in your community.

At our very foundation, engagement from you through surveys, guest columnists and our advisory board, will help us provide content that is of interest and importance to you.

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Washington, D.C., Proposal Writers

20% of D.C. Area Companies Hiring Proposal Writers
Required Security Clearance in 2016

Source: Career Matters, Editorial Staff

During the first half of 2016, 20% of companies hiring Proposal Writers required security clearance. This is not surprising given the number of government contractors in Greater Washington, D.C.

14% of positions required Secret Clearance; 6% required Top Secret Clearance; and 4% required Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS SCI).

Top Companies Requiring Security Clearance in 2016 include:

2. ManTech

3. Lockheed Martin

4. Harris Corporation

5. CTI Resource Management Service

6. General Dynamics
7. BAE Systems Group
9. Intelsat
10. Michael Baker Corporation

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Top Companies Recruiting Proposal Writers in 2016

Source: Career Matters Editorial Staff

Oracle, the second largest software developer next to Microsoft, is the top recruiter of Proposal Writers nationally in 2016 with 6.0% of all jobs posted. The next closest company is Anthem, Inc., with 1.6% of all jobs posted. CSRA, Engility Corporation, and Lockheed Martin, lead proposal writer job postings in Greater Washington, D.C., a mecca for government contractors, during this same time period.

2016 Top Employers Recruiting Proposal Writers Nationally
1. Oracle
2. Anthem, Inc.
3. Lockheed Martin
4. United Health Group
5. Aerotek
6. Verint Systems, Inc.
7. Northrop Grumman
8. The Creative Group
9. Raytheon Corporation
10. QuintilesIMS

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industry blog

Washington, D.C., Proposal Writers
Secrets to Winning Government Proposals

The game known as federal contracting is fraught with rules and regulations. The game is so complicated that it even has its very own rulebook, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”).

Winning the game is not about following the FAR, though. The winners of government business know the secret is in selling. Yes, selling to those with whom you have created relationships built on trust.

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38 Words and Phrases To Avoid In Your Proposals
Source: Capture Planning

Think of the times you have used these phrases in your proposal: we understand; we believe, think, or feel; we intend to; we are devoted to; our highest priority; we hope; we desire your business; we are committed; we are pleased to submit; we are quality focused; we will strive, try or attempt; we would be honored.

Now read why you should not use these and many others in your proposals.

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Technical Proposal Writing Nuances in Government Contracts
Source: Watson & Associates, LLC

When you engage in technical proposal writing for federal bids, one of the first things to consider is that federal procurement law requires that an agency’s evaluation of proposals must show a reasonable Technical Proposal Writing Nuances in Government Contracts assessment of contractors’ ability to successfully perform the contract requirements. Also, the source selection decision must be adequately documented in the file. As compared to commercial bidding, technical writing nuances in federal bids carry so many risks that companies should take the time to thoroughly understand them.

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Career Planning

Washington, D.C., Proposal Writers
  • Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

    Source: YouTube, Amy Cuddy

    Top Ten Ted’s Talk:  Amy Cuddy powerfully presents how body language affects how others see us. 

    Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.

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  • Are Benefits More Important Than Salary?

    Source: CareerCast, Veer Gidwany

    Are Benefits More Important Than Salary

    Although most of us look at a starting salary and get big green dollar signs in our eyes, benefits boil down to more than just being able to afford a doctor. Believe it or not, benefits are actually a better predictor for enjoying your job than salary alone.

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  • The Smartest Interview Questions You Could Ever Ask

    Source: US News and World Report, Jada Graves

    Thoughtful questions – straight from hiring managers – to give you the inside track on the interview.

    U.S. News asked notable professionals what was the smartest question a job candidate asked them during an interview.

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  • 27 surprising things that affect whether you get hired

    Source: Business Insider, Jacqueline Smith

    Hiring managers typically use your résumé to determine whether you're qualified for the job, and the interview to decide if you're the perfect fit. 

    Knowing that, most people take the process very seriously. They arrive to the interview on time, dress impeccably, and answer each question intelligently.

    But as it turns out, there's more to it than just showing up and doing your best — there are dozens of small details that overtly or subconsciously affect the way you're perceived. 

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Keeping a balance

Washington, D.C., Proposal Writers
Forget Balance! Gen Y Wants Work-Life Integration
Source:, Lauren Lee Anderson

As Baby Boomers make their exit from the workforce, offices around the world are finding themselves challenged by the next generation of employees: Gen Y (AKA Millennials). It’s no secret that some managers are running scared of these supposedly entitled and technology-addicted cohorts, but studies have shown that their bad wrap might not be all that accurate.

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Top 5 Reasons People Love Their Jobs And How You Can Love Yours Too
Source:, Kevin Nakao

It’s pretty easy to guess why 40% of employees are not engaged at work. And in your own life, you’re either in the same boat or have heard the gripes, quips and complaints from others.

But what about the 60% of employees that are engaged? What is it that they love about their jobs and how can you love yours, too?

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Trends and Challenges for Work in The 21st Century
Source: U.S. Department of Labor

Just a few decades ago, business magazines celebrated the latest office technology—cutting edge equipment such as electric typewriters and dictaphones. Today, it is more like digital phones and personal digital assistants.

We are living in a world few could have imagined 50 years ago. What will the workforce and workplace look like half a century from now?

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