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10 Ways Government Contractors Do Amazing Work

Source: AOC Key Solutions.

We often hear negative representations of Government contractors, and these stories seem to garner alot of media attention. But what about the positive impact these companies have on our larger community? For professionals in the government market, it’s important to know that each day you come to work you are privileged to have the opportunity to do something great, difficult, unlikely, or nearly impossible to achieve.

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Using Proposal Writing Services for Government RFP’s

Source, Onvia.

If you've ever submitted a government contract proposal, you know how complex and time-consuming these documents can be to prepare. For businesses without much government contracting experience, it can be difficult to even know where to begin with a proposal, let alone whether you’re crafting it effectively. –

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The Top 5 Most Frustrating Writing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Source, Grammarly Blog,
Kimberly Joki

Recently Grammarly asked its social media communities which writing mistakes were the worst kinds of errors. Our fans tend to find substantive grammatical trip-ups, like verb errors, far more frustrating than typographical errors and “stylistic” errors, such as homophone misspelling and preposition placement.

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Three is A Magic Number (for Proposals and Presentations)

Source, freestyle/

Chances are your organization has lots of compelling features and benefits. Most do. But when crafting a proposal or presentation, how many should you highlight for your prospect? Five? Ten? According to cognitive psychologists, it’s probably less than you think.

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Free Publications Available to APMP Members

APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations.  The following are free publications available to APMP members.

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Ten Things Every CEO Should Know About Federal Proposal Writing

Source, FedMarket,

Writing proposals in response to federal solicitations is an expensive but necessary game that must be played if a company wants to do business with the federal government.

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Proposal Writing Is An Endurance Sport

Source, Shipley Associates, Mark Wigginton.

On a recent day I reflected on lessons I learned as a proposal rofessional that support me as an athlete and vice versa.

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Going from Subcontractor to Prime Contractor
Source, OCI

Small businesses frequently wrestle with the question of how and when to become a prime contractor. This challenge faces any small business experiencing growth and development. Successfully meeting the challenge opens doors to a new career of expanded scope and revenue. Failing in the attempt wastes precious resources and may consign a smaller company to a perpetual role as a second-tier provider

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How To Ask A Contracting Officer To Clarify An RFP Without Exposing Any Weak Points
Source, AOC Key Solutions.

According to many contracting officers, there is no such thing as over communicating when it comes to bidding on a contract. The most successful companies will ask the contracting officer intelligent and thoughtful questions to gain the most information possible about the RFP.

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Proposal Winning Strategies and Themes
Source, Capture Planning

When responding to an RFP with lots of requirements, it's easy to lose track of your message. Win strategies and themes are how your message makes it into the document. They are the difference between a proposal that is descriptive and a proposal that is persausive. Themes are how you sell in writing. But to present an effective message and develop your theme statements, you first have to plan the right strategies for winning.

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