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Stress and The Entrepreneur

Source: Entrepreneur,
Ray Zinn

Every entrepreneur gets a bucket of stress, but they handle it differently. The fellow I quoted above used stress as a motivational tool, dealing quickly with business issues to alleviate stress in his life (the most stressful issues got addressed first, which likely isn’t a great prioritization strategy). Others find creative ways of dealing with stress. Stress has killed a few folks along the way.

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Breaking Through Writer’s Block

Source: American Psychological Association, Stacy Lu.

If you're struggling with writer's block as you wrestle with your dissertation or a grant application, would it help to know that many psychologists believe the condition doesn't exist?

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6 Winning Productivity Tips (Even If You Don’t Have Much Discipline)

Source: BidSketch Blog

Want to be more productive? Who doesn’t?

That means focusing on the work that matters and finishing it without all the distractions most of us struggle with now.

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8 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 8 A.M. To Be More Productive

Benjamin Harvey.

When you start your workday, do you feel like Superman or like a zombie? If you're like most people, you probably feel like a zombie.

Most people's mornings are a chaotic mess. Exhausted. Stimulant-driven. Rough.

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23 ½ Hours: What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do For Our Health?

Source: TEDEd, Doc Mike Evans

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Facebook Employees Are Insanely Happy With Their Jobs
Source: Huffington Post, Emily Peck

The people who work at Facebook are ridiculously happy about it, new data shows. Ninety-six percent of employees at the social media giant report high job satisfaction, according to a survey of workers at 18 major tech companies from the jobs site Payscale.

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Strike A Better Work-Life Balance
Source: Mayo Clinic.

As long as you're working, juggling the demands of career and personal life will probably be an ongoing challenge. But if you can learn both to set limits and look after yourself, you can achieve the work-life balance that's best for you.

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14 Companies That Allow Employees to Have Fun At Work
Source: The Muse, Alyce Kalish

Just as you’d want to surround yourself with people who like to have fun, wouldn’t you want to be a part of a company that knows how to have a good time? (That is, when it’s a well-deserved break from doing great work.)  Read

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