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Why Cutting Edge Start Ups Are Flocking To Arlington, VA

Source:, Anna Hensel

The Washington, D.C., suburbs might seem like an unlikely hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, but a group of business-minded folks in Arlington, Virginia, are trying to transform the august county into a center of innovation.

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Minorities are Woefully Underrepresented in Tech and Start Ups

Source: Washington Technology, Andy Medici

Venture capitalist Jason Towns wants to launch a $10 million venture fund and online platform to connect and develop minority and underserved tech entrepreneurs and startups across the country — and he plans to start in D.C.

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APMP Updates Certification

Source: Association of Proposal Management Professionals

Proposal professionals who want to demonstrate their mastery of the field can now learn the latest APMP endorsed, industry-standard terminology and best practices, thanks to an updated APMP Foundation Level Certification program.

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Leidos-Lockheed Merger Changes the Face of Federal IT

Source: Federal Times,
Amber Corrin

The recently announced merger between Leidos and Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions has those in the federal IT community, particularly defense IT, maintaining a close eye on what happens next. Those watching got a better idea after Leidos CEO Roger Krone spoke about the deal at a New York investors conference Feb. 4.

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Report: DC is the Best City for Women in Tech

Source: DC Innovation, Hal Schwartz

Washington, D.C. easily outranks every other city in the U.S. as the best place for women in the tech industry, according to a new SmartAsset report.

The financial software company looked at the combination of the percentage of women in tech jobs, how much they earn compared to men, their income after housing costs and the three year tech employment growth for both men and women. D.C. blew away the competition, with an overall index score of 91.98. The next closest score was 78.7.

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Here are the top 5 Mergers and Acquisition Deals of 2016

Source: Lucinda Shen, Fortune

The presidential candidates grabbed headlines this year by appealing to voters' distrust of big business. And behind the scenes, many of those businesses made plans to get bigger, with the help of some monumental deals.

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16 Hot DC Area Start-ups To Watch in 2016

Source: DC Innovation, Chris Bing

Keep an eye on these 16 startups throughout 2016.

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Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most From Globalization
Source: Harvard Business Review,
Branco Milankovic

It is by now well-known that the period from the mid-1980s to today has been the period of the greatest reshuffle of personal incomes since the Industrial Revolution. It’s also the first time that global inequality has declined in the past two hundred years. The “winners” were the middle and upper classes of the relatively poor Asian countries and the global top 1%.

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Why Small Business Cash Flow Matters More Than Ever
Source: Washington Business Journal,
Clifford Jones

One of the most important lessons I learned over the years is the importance of focusing on cash flow. It’s time to pay close attention to small-business spending, competitive pressures, and the inevitable “Black Swans" — unexpected events that destroy the cash flow and foundations of any business.

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Federal Procurement: The Road Ahead Under Trump
Source: Washington Technology,
Robert Burton

President-elect Trump is about to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  Between now and then (and continuing into the first few months of his presidency), he and federal agencies will select new leadership and establish their policy priorities.


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