Recruiting and Staffing Companies Recruit for 14.7% of Proposal Writers Jobs In Greater Washington, D.C., in 2016

Recruiting and Staffing Companies recruit for an average of 14% – 16% of Proposal Writer jobs in Greater Washington, D.C.  Leading recruiters include Aerotek, Robert Half International, and Kforce Professional Staffing.

Nearly 1 in 5 proposal writer jobs in the Washington DC area is filled by a recruiting agency.   Knowing this, are you using agencies as an effective tool to enhance your career?  Lets take a step back and look at the nature of working with a recruiting agency.

When would you choose to work with a recruiting agency to find a job?  Understanding the employment climate when you are job searching is critical.

What is the supply and demand of the position in your city?  Does hiring favor the employer (high supply of candidates and low employer demand) or the employee (low supply of candidates and high employer demand)?

The employment climate will drive how you approach your job search.  If there is a low supply of candidates and a high employer demand the market is in your favor.  You can apply directly to the most desirable employers and have a strong likelihood that you will be contacted.  This scenario will require understanding competitive salary and benefits to effectively negotiate your benefits package.

On the other hand, if there are many candidates and few positions, the employment climate is in the employers favor.  In this instance, finding a new position will be challenging for you.  A recruiter can help you navigate this more competitive job market.

The top professional recruiters are immersed in the local job market, staying current with all the local employment opportunities, and industry news and trends.  They can use their network to connect you with potential employers.  They will also help you become more marketable by counseling you about in demand skills and certifications for your profession, developing an effective resume, strategies for effective interviewing, and negotiating the salary and benefits package.

Selecting the right recruiter takes research.  Look for a recruiter who fully understands the employment market for your profession.  Recruiters are hired by the employer to find candidates for an open position.  Successful recruiters will take into consideration the employers criteria for an ideal candidate and the professional’s career goals to find a match that meets both the employer and the professional’s expectations.

Staffing agencies typically provide candidates to fill short term roles or to hire people for specific projects.  In a difficult employment environment, finding temporary work will fill the gap until full time work becomes available.  Your temporary position may also open the door to a permanent job opportunity if you demonstrate the talent, skills and personality that the employer is looking for.

It is not uncommon for Proposal Writers to become independent contractors and link together successive contract jobs.  Labor economists Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger report this “gig economy” has grown from 10.1% to 15.8% of the U.S. labor market between 2005 and 2015.  A Proposal Writer working as an independent contractor can expand opportunities by networking with key staffing companies.

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