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Welcome to Career Matters survey column! Why do we do surveys? The simplest answer is there is no one who knows what is going on in the Proposal Writer community better than you do. You are the experts.

Our goal is to tap into what you are thinking and what is important to you. You are smart, creative, and likely to have ideas that we have not thought of. We will share survey results to give you insight on what your peers think about issues affecting your profession. Surveys will also help us gauge evolving changes in culture, employment landscape and market trends in your community.

At our very foundation, engagement from you through surveys, guest columnists and our advisory board, will help us provide content that is of interest and importance to you.

What do we need from you? Participation! Please provide thoughtful, honest answers to the survey questions. All survey responses are confidential. Encourage your peers to participate in the survey too!

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